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5 Basement Remodeling Risks You Should Be Mindful About

5 Basement Remodeling Risks You Should Be Mindful About

There was a time when basements were a neglected part of the house, which was more than often used to stuff away old things. However, things are quite different today. People are adopting the idea of basement remodeling more and more. Many people have successfully transformed their basements into living spaces, entertainment spaces, gaming zones, theatres, and what not!

If you are planning to get your basement remodeled, too, we would like you to educate yourself on the possible risks that are associated with basement remodeling. Better to be safe than sorry, right? Continue reading this blog post for the risks that you may have to deal with during the basement remodel process.

1. Water Issues

It is no hidden fact that most of the water lines run through the basement, which puts the basement at the greatest risk of water intrusion. If you overlook this factor, you will have to face a lot of trouble in the long run as water problems usually present themselves once you frame the walls up. Water intrusion is one of the biggest risks of basement remodeling. Before you put the final nail in the coffin, make sure there are no preexisting water-related issues in your basement. Waterproofing the pipelines is an additional, but a totally worthy expense!

2. Foundation Risks

If you’re transforming your basement into something that requires a bit of additional digging, you need to stay on high alert. You should make sure that the excavator does not dig too deep. Excessive digging can damage the foundation, which is an extremely expensive problem to fix. Damage to the foundation is one of the most serious risks of basement remodeling, which you should be extra careful about.

3. Flooding Risks

Sumps are water-collecting basins that are usually found in the basements of houses. If the water isn’t pumped out of these basins, your basement might get flooded. When you are getting your basement remodeled, you should make sure that you install a battery-powered sump pump. This would ensure that the pump continues to work even when there is a power cut-down.

4. Drainage Risks

Drainage is another of many risks of basement remodeling. You need to consider the drainage for the basement, even if you are doing something as simple as planting shrubs around the newly remodeled basement. You should take into consideration how the basement remodel is going to affect the slope and ensure that drainage is away from the basement.

5. Contractor Risks

One of the most common risks of basement remodeling is getting stuck with the wrong contractor. If you fail at choosing the right basement remodeling contractor who isn’t licensed or trained, they will use substandard material and will offer you poor-quality services. Hence, your remodeled basement will not last to be beautiful for very long.


As much basement remodeling can increase the value of your property, it also poses serious risks to your property. The risks of basement remodeling include flooding risks, drainage risks, water risks, foundation risks, and above all, contractor risks! Hiring the right basement remodeling contractor is a prerequisite in this home improvement project.


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