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Challenges That You’ll Have to Face When Getting Your Basement Finished

Challenges That You’ll Have to Face When Getting Your Basement Finished

If basement finishing is on your to-do list this year, you might already know from the contractors how costly it is. You can pull off many home improvement projects yourself, but basement finishing is definitely not one of them. It’s a highly technical job that requires skill and expertise and everything that only professional basement remodelers have. And for the same reasons, it’s one of the costliest home improvement projects.

There are numerous challenges when it comes to basement finishing. Professional basement remodelers know how to tackle them, and this is exactly why they charge a premium price for the job.

Let’s have a look at some of the biggest challenges that you should be prepared for when getting your basement finished.


You may not know there are moisture issues in your basement till the floorboards and drywall are pulled apart. A pipe running behind the wall may be leaking, or the floor underneath the floorboards may be moist from poor drainage. Moisture can really delay the project because basement finishing can’t proceed as long as moisture issues aren’t fixed. A basement finishing expert would know just where to start, thereby helping you draw out the most ideal timelines.

Low Ceiling Height

Most building codes require the ceiling height to be at least 7 feet for the basement to be used as living space. Your basement might not have a ceiling at this height. It may be lower. To fix that, the professionals might have to dig the concrete floor to lower the floor and increase the distance between the floor and the ceiling.

Low Pipes

Most of the pipelines run through the basement. One of the most common issues with basement finishing is low-hanging pipes that you can bump your head into. You’ll have to conceal them with false ceilings to make sure they don’t become an eyesore or a safety hazard in the future.

No Egress

If you want to build a living unit or a bedroom in the basement, you need to have an egress. It’s a building code requirement, and you won’t get a permit to go ahead with the basement finishing project. To be able to build a bedroom in your basement, you’ll first have to build an egress. Not only will it serve as an emergency exit, but it’ll also allow a good amount of sunlight to brighten up your finished basement.


Basements are usually very cold and moist. If you want to ensure that the temperature of your basement stays comfortable all year long, you’ll need to get your basement insulated. It’ll prevent the basement from turning too hot during the summer or too cold during the winter, making the space livable.

There’s so much that basement finishing encompasses. A professional charges hefty amounts for basement finishing for all the right reasons. Just make sure you hire the best basement remodelers for the job. You certainly wouldn’t want all your money to go down the drain with a poor basement finishing job.


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