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Ensuring the Best Lighting for Your Basement

Ensuring the Best Lighting for Your Basement

When renovating the basement, the first thing you keep in mind is lighting. Since basements have different structures from the rest of your house, it is essential to look at the space differently. Whether you choose to build a bedroom in your basement, use it as a gaming room, or make an office, lighting is essential. Here are some ways you can ensure the perfect lighting for your basement.

More Natural Lighting

Most basements do not have too many windows. However, it is best to utilize the windows that are already present. Instead of covering them with opaque materials, keep the windows and transparent doors in your basement bare. Do not use thick curtains or drapes. If you really need to, opt for thinner options that allow you to pull them to the side to allow natural sunlight to enter the basement.

If some of your basement is above ground, you can easily add additional windows. This will allow gentle, natural sunlight to enter the space, installing brightening it up. Moreover, there is no denying that natural sunlight must compliment your furniture. Sunlight works best with lighter and neutral tones. Hence, try to incorporate more white, sky blue, and beige. These will help reflect the sunlight, creating extra light in the room.

Accent Lighting

While you can opt for ceiling fixtures and wall scones to provide basement lighting, these lights often feel harsh and strong. Homeowners commonly complain of strain because these lighting options tend to feel extremely bright.

To add more options and ensure that your basement does not feel artificial, bare, and harsh, accent lights are a wonderful option. Lamps help create softer, ambient lighting that does not feel too heavy on the eyes and contributes to the vibe of the room. You can place a lamp on the side of the sofa to make the space cozier. Depending on your needs, accent lighting looks best in areas that need to be emphasized, such as on a table or media console.

Know Your Lights

When deciding on basement lighting, there are four types of bulbs you will need to choose between. These include fluorescent, incandescent, light-emitting diodes, and halogen. 

Fluorescent bulbs are known to be eco-friendly as they help save energy. This is because they last ten times more than standard bulbs and use a minimal amount of energy. However, the white light can feel harsh and unwelcoming.

Incandescent bulbs are the most popular as they produce a warm light that is enough to brighten up the room and create a comfortable space. However, they do not last long, which is why people all over the world are switching to more sustainable options.

Light-emitting diodes, also known as LED lights, are made up of lots of tiny bulbs that produce a bright beam light. These are even more efficient than fluorescent bulbs as they last ten times longer. Even though they may cost a lot more than your standard bulbs, they have a low operating cost, which will help you save electricity bills in the future.

Halogen lights emit the warmest and brightest light out of all the other bulbs. However, they are not as efficient as fluorescent bulbs. Moreover, they can only be used for trick lights and specific task lighting.

Don’t forget the walls when adding lights to your basement. After all, the wall décor must also help brighten up the room. Click here for some tips on how to decorate your basement walls.


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