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Tips for Creating a Perfect Basement Apartment to Rent Out

Tips for Creating a Perfect Basement Apartment to Rent Out

Having an unused basement in your home means you have an opportunity to earn some extra cash by converting it into a basement apartment and renting it out. However, transforming an unfinished basement into a living space that has everything to impress a potential tenant can be a comprehensive and difficult task. It requires a lot planning as well as the involvement of many people with different skills and expertise. Not to mention, the hassle of acquiring a permit can take months.

While a professional company for basement finishing in Utah, like SALT, can take care of everything, here we are giving some tips to help you understand the requirements of a perfect basement apartment:

1. Separate Entrance

While this is kind of obvious, it needs to be stressed upon to homeowners how important it is to have a separate basement entrance. Converting your underground space into an apartment will be of no good if it doesn’t have a separate entrance.

2. High Ceilings

This is not a suggestion, but a necessity. You need to make sure that the ceiling height of your basement is at least 7 feet in order to obtain a permit for basement finishing in Utah.

If your basement ceilings are low, you will need to dig the floors to meet this requirement – this is where a professional basement contractor in Utah can offer great help. They not only have the right equipment, but also have a large workforce to ensure the project can be completed quickly and with much more efficiency.

3. Separate Laundry

Providing a separate laundry is a huge plus. According to real estate agents, this guarantees a higher price. So, make sure to install a washer and dryer in the basement apartment to get a good deal.

Not having a separate laundry can be a deal breaker for many people.

4. Full Kitchen

Just because it is basement doesn’t mean you can compromise on certain essential amenities of a house. So, make sure to provide a full kitchen, preferably with a dishwasher, to ensure your basement apartment is rented out as soon as it is ready.

5. Have an Open Floor Plan

While you do not have much control over the layout of your basement, try to opt for an open floor plan when converting it into a basement apartment. This will make it look bigger and more spacious.

These tips may appear simple, but they can significantly affect your basement remodeling project. So, make sure you keep them in mind while building a basement apartment to attract tenants that pay a good price.

For all your basement remodeling requirements in Utah, contact SALT LLC – the most reliable and excellent service provider in the state.


In this article, we have discussed some simple tips that can greatly affect your basement remodeling project. Make sure you keep them in mind while building a basement apartment to grab a good deal.


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