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Basement Weddings: The Next Big Thing?

Basement Weddings: The Next Big Thing?

Who would have thought that you can use your basement for building your very own home theatre, man cave, kitchen, or a bar? The most neglected part of the house, basements were often used for storing extra cupboards, used-but-too-good-to-throw mattresses, and ugly sofa sets that are torn from the edges. Now – and thanks to companies that are good at giving a makeover to our basements – we have plenty of options available to use the basement for better use.

Have you ever considered using your basement for your wedding function? Sounds crazy, am I right? For some, this may sound crazy. But, if you think about it, holding your wedding in the privacy of your own home is so much fun and equally convenient. You might have heard of people hosting their weddings in their front lawns, etc., and this probably is the first time that you heard about something called “basement wedding”. But what’s the harm in experimenting just a little? Here is why you should consider celebrating your wedding in your basement.

Why Basement Wedding Is Totally Worth It

1. Privacy and Ambience

Even though a part of the house, basements are secluded from the rest of the house. They are kind of soundproof in the sense that outside noises don’t really reach them. In such a cosy environment, it will be worth it to say your vows and have an intimate wedding at a place that offers undeniable charm and a sense of familiarity.

2. Weather Woes

Mother Nature is deceptive. You can never tell when some angry clouds would gather around your house and pour down heavily, resulting in the waste of every decoration. In the basement, however, you don’t have to worry about any such things. You will be safe from all kinds of weather conditions.

3. Easy to Decorate

If you are planning to use your basement for parties and stuff, you can take help from basement finishing companies that can design your place in such a way that you can easily use them at the time of need. You can use the decoration as a canvas to decorate the room for a wedding event. This will be too easy to pull off.

How to Arrange for Basement Weddings

If you are sold on the idea of having a basement wedding, here are some tips that can help you pull off a basement wedding.

1. Hang Extra Lights

Since a basement is under the ground, you should hang extra lights to give the room a shiny appearance. Lots of cafe lights, chandeliers, and lanterns will be good for creating a beautiful ambience.

2. Bring the Outdoors Inside

Use small trees or flowers to decorate the inside of the room and give it a more fresh look.

3. Use Bright Colors

Use bold colors for decorations as they will uplift the overall look of the house.


Basements, these days, are used for multi-purpose. You can now completely redesign this room and use it for entertaining guests.


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