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Common Basement Renovation Pitfalls To Be Wary Off

Common Basement Renovation Pitfalls To Be Wary Off

Getting a basement remodeled can seem exciting, especially if a person decides to make space for entertainment. But more often than not, the excitement of a revamped underground vault can become the reason for setbacks during the renovation project.

As hard to believe as it sounds, mistakes during a basement remodel are extremely common. Be it cosmetic or structural; renovation slipups can be a nightmare to deal with once the construction is over.

If you want to make sure your basement comes out flawless after a remodel, you should avoid making these common basement renovation mistakes.

Making Too Many Small Rooms

The space under a house may be the same in dimensions as the area above the ground, but the volume is different. This means you cannot have a similar design structure in your basement as you have on the ground level.

Believe it or not, many homeowners try to replicate the rooms in their home in their basement. But little do they realize that an underground cellar is a cramped room, which means it can very easily become more congested. Therefore, if you make too many small rooms in your basement, it will turn claustrophobic.

Remember that a basement is a closed-off area, so you need to make arrangements to make it spacious. That cannot happen if you try to incorporate several rooms in it.

Not Preparing for Water Emergencies

A leaking pipe or a full-fledged pipe explosion, a house is always at risk of encountering water emergencies. And that holds true for the basement as well.

A basement is prone to attracting moisture because it’s under the soil. Besides that, it can also become a gathering bucket for leaking pipes by way of being close to the underground plumbing channels. In simple words, a basement is at risk of facing water troubles, even more so than the rest of the house. So, naturally, a person needs to make proper arrangements to ensure that all water emergencies can be handled without disrupting the entire building. But shockingly, many homeowners forget to prepare for water-related crises and resultantly walk into a flooded basement.

If you don’t want to stand knee-deep in water in your basement, you should duly prepare for all possible water problems.

Using Unsuitable Materials

The placement of a basement makes it a detrimental location for certain construction materials, such as wood. Since a cellar holds a lot of moisture, installing wooden walls is unquestionably a recipe for disaster. Likewise, materials prone to rusting or developing mold due to water will not work in a basement. Therefore, homeowners need to choose suitable construction supplies and save themselves from unnecessary future troubles.

Never compromise on the materials you choose for any construction project but especially when getting your basement revamped because that’s the foundation of your home. You don’t want to take any chances with it!

Ending Note

If you plan to get your basement remodeled soon, be sure to plan everything to the last detail to avoid encountering any glitches in the future. And remember to hire a team of experts who will guide you through the process and do the job right!


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