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Convert Your Basement into a Book Haven – Tips for Building a Home Library

Convert Your Basement into a Book Haven – Tips for Building a Home Library

Basements are the most overlooked spaces in most houses. If you are like most people, it is likely that you have either never used your basement or it serves the function of a storage room. But, have you ever thought how much space, value, and beauty you can add to your house if you turn that underground area into a functional space?

While you can convert the basement into anything that you want, such as a living space, a bar, home theatre, or a game area, if you are a book lover, there cannot be anything better than converting it into a library.

Imagine having your own little book haven right in your house?

If the idea gets you excited, read on to get useful tips on building your very own cozy library:

Get the Structure Right – It’s Critical!

If your basement has been an unused space for any length of time, it is likely that its structure i.e. ceiling, walls, and flooring, needs work.

Therefore, the first step should be to inspect the basement and see if it needs any work. Make sure that there is no water seeping through and there are no signs of water leaks inside the wall. Since these issues are quite common in basements, it is important to check for them first.

While getting such issues fixed is important in any case, it becomes all the more important when you are building a library because moisture can completely ruin your library by damaging your books.


Sort out the Flooring

If you are looking to give your library an inviting, warm, and cozy appeal that you get from the best libraries out there, then you have to work on its flooring. However, since the library is being built in the basement, hardwood is unfortunately not an option. The risk of moisture, changes in temperature, and the shifts in the foundation, over time, make traditional hardwood flooring unsuitable for basement floor.

Wondering what options do you have, then? You can choose from engineered wood, vinyl tiles, and laminate flooring.


Figure out What Kind of Shelving You Want

There are tons of shelving options available on the market. You can either choose from them or let your creative juices flowing and design your own.

Even if you are going for ready-made bookshelves and cupboards, try to step away from the traditional ones and bring more character by using unusual shapes and distinct colors.

A great tip to give your basement library a cozy feel is to opt for thicker wood and rich, warm colors.


Do Not Overlook Your Comfort

A library has to be a space where you can peacefully and comfortably sit and read. Therefore, it is highly important that you have soft carpets and comfy chairs or sofas.

Sounds too much work?

Hire a professional basement finishing company, like Utah Basement Finishing, and let the experienced people create your dream space.



Basements are the most overlooked spaces in most houses. Read the blog to find out how you can convert it into a functional space for book lovers!


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