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Here Is What To Do If Your Basement Floods Every Time It Rains

Here Is What To Do If Your Basement Floods Every Time It Rains

When basements get flooded, it can damage our furniture, keepsakes, family heirlooms, and other mementos. Basement floods and water levels that rise unexpectedly can be a concern for people who live in regions that face heavy rainfall. But there is something you can do about it to prevent basement floods from ruining your home.

It isn’t natural for a basement to get flooded every time it starts to rain. There are some things you can try to save your basement – because rain can’t be stopped. The precautions you take can save a lot of your time and money.

Grading the Lawn

The yard in your home shouldn’t slope down towards the basement. By making sure you grade the lawn away from the structure of the home, you can prevent basement flooding. However, make sure that there is a place for the water to go once it hits the lawn.

The rainwater can find its way onto the street and into the gutters. There are landscaping options that can help you incorporate versatile designs that can suit the problem.

You can take advantage of the following landscaping designs:

  • Diverting rain spouts
  • Investing in rain gardens
  • Build a green roof
  • Dig indentations through the lawn
  • Using heavy mulch


Downspouts can be connected to the footer drain as well as built above ground. This can lead to basement flooding. The better thing to do is to make sure the water collects inside the spout and travels further away from the house perimeter.

The spouts should be directed away towards other lawns or yards so that it doesn’t get back into the house. If the water reaches the house, it will soak the ground and cause basement flooding.

Keeping the Gutters Clean

The trash, sticks, debris, and leaves can collect into the gutter. You need to clean the gutters frequently so that the house doesn’t flood. Gutters with clogs cannot drain water properly, which is why it can end up running through the foundation and basement. If the gutter gets too full during heavy rain, the rainwater will have no other place to go. This will result in heavy precipitation, which can wreck furniture and other areas.

Sump Pump

Avoiding basement flooding can only work if you can have some preparation to prevent the flooding from happening in the first place. Getting automatic sump pumps can help you keep an eye on the water buildup when rainfall occurs. Sump pumps suck the water away from the home and redirect it.

If you face basement flooding in Utah, you can call Utah Basement Finishing to help you insulate the house.   


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