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How to Decorate Your Basement Walls

How to Decorate Your Basement Walls

Who says that your basement doesn’t deserve to be decorated by funky wall decor? Is there any rulebook that says that your basement walls should be naked and lifeless? Then, why is it that you don’t pay any attention to decorating your basement.

It is appalling that you don’t pay attention to a big space in your house. Have you watched Full House? Well, obviously, ever 90s kid has grown up listening to the life advice of Danny Tanner. But, did you see how Danny put his basement to good use? He converted it into a studio for Uncle Jessy.

The small area lying under your house is heaven that can be turned into anything. A studio? Check. A bar? Check. A kitchen? Check. A separate bedroom? Check A pet’s room? Check, check. Frankly speaking, we have got bored of seeing simple walls of the basement. If you agree with everything we have said, you might be interested in checking out what we have in store for you.

We are not going to leave you scratching your head, trying to figure out how to make your walls more appealing. For your help, we have compiled a list of wall art ideas that we believe will make your basement more vibrant.

1. Brick Basement Wall

To give a cool look to your basement, consider installing a brick wall. This loft-like look will capture the attention of your friends or family who would love to spend more time at a loft-like place.

2. Secret Bookcase Door

You used to spill your drink in the cinema when you would see the ‘bad guy’ opening a secret door to reveal their master plan. Since then, you have been wanting to have a secret door of your own. You can have this fun idea in your basement.

3. Photo Wall

Be it the photo of your firstborn or the moment when she said yes, you can frame these priceless moments and hang them on your basement wall. This is a good way to add more life to the underground part of your house.

4. Monogram Letters

Who doesn’t love big monogram letters neatly pinned on the wall or resting by your bedside? Have you ever thought about using these decorative items to adorn the walls of your basement? You can use the first letter of each of your family member’s name or you can pin complete words like ‘Home Sweet Home’.

5. Chalk Wall

If we have to pick one, we would definitely pick chalk walls. Not only are they a great way to write personalized messages – and keep changing them – they also give an elegant look to the room.


This isn’t an exhaustive list of wall decor ideas. There are so many other options available to make your basement look even more appealing. If you are serious about decorating your basement, you can consult professionals to have an idea about what can be done in your house to add more color to your basement.


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