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How To Pick Out The Right Color For Your Basement?

How To Pick Out The Right Color For Your Basement?

Picking out paint is perhaps the most exciting task when remodeling a home. Whether a person is redecorating their bedroom or jazzing up their den, choosing the shade of paint to light up their walls will tingle their creative senses. In sum, coloring up any part of a home is a delightful experience, and the buried basement is no different in that regard.

When people decide to get their basement finished, they have to choose a color to paint the walls. As exciting as said job is, it can be quite tricky. The cellar underneath your home is not like any other room in your residence, which means you need to treat it differently when picking out wall paint.

Basements are difficult to work with

The basement doesn’t receive sufficient lighting and generally appears cramped. Plus, it’s often the breeding ground for mold and mildew. All in all, a basement is not the easiest home project to choose wall paint for when finishing the area.  

If you want to choose the right color for your basement, you need to consider the eccentricities of the place. Here’s how you do it.

Consider the Lighting

Basements are typically dark because they don’t receive ample natural lighting. For this reason, most homeowners lean towards lighter shades when choosing paint, assuming that will make their basement look brighter and bigger. But that’s a misconception.

Light colors need abundant lighting to leave an impression. Otherwise, they appear dull, making the room unwelcoming. So, choosing a light shade for your basement is not the best choice unless you pick a highly saturated formula.

Highly pigmented paints work best for basements, which means you can go for a lighter shade if the saturation is high. That said, finding a pastel shade that’s super pigmented might be challenging, which is why going for darker tints is a more convenient and better option.

Coordinate With the Décor

One essential tip when choosing paint for your basement, or any other room for that matter, is color coordinating with the décor of the place. You want your basement to look harmonious, and that’s only possible if all the elements work well together instead of clashing with one another.

So, let’s say you have wooden furniture, then you should go for rich earthy tones to design a well thought out basement.

Wall Texture

Another vital feature to consider when choosing wall paint is wall texture. Typically, basement walls are either stone or cinderblock, and those can cast shadows on light-colored walls. Therefore, you should choose dark shades or deeply saturated hues that will complement the walls in your basement.

 Bonus Tip: Want to Paint Your Basement in neutral shades?

If your answer to the question above is yes, then we have the perfect hack for you. INVEST IN ADDITIONAL LIGHTING!

As mentioned earlier, basements are pretty dark, which is why light paints don’t work well in there. But if you want to go for a pastel color, add more lighting fixtures to your basement so that the walls are pepped up even with nude shades.

All the tips mentioned above are essential, but at the end of the day, they can only do so much. If you want to ensure that your basement looks no less than a luxurious suite, you should hire a reliable basement finishing company like us!


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