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Keeping Your Finished Basement Dry and Protected from Water Damage

Keeping Your Finished Basement Dry and Protected from Water Damage

Basement finishing is one of the biggest home remodeling projects that you can get. It’s a major investment but is associated with an incredibly high return on investment, which is what makes it worth it. If you’ve recently got your basement finished, you may be eager to do anything it takes to keep your basement look as good as new.

However, the maintenance of a finished basement doesn’t come easy or cheap. Your basement is highly prone to getting wet or flooded. And water damage is something that you’ll never want to experience. If you don’t take the necessary steps to keep your finished basement dry, the hundreds and thousands of dollars that went into basement finishing will go down the drain.

Let’s have a look at how you can keep your basement dry and protected from water damage.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

If the gutters are clogged with debris and leaves, it’ll cause the water to pool near the foundation of your home. If the water keeps standing for a long time, it’ll seep into the basement. If you want to protect your basement from water damage, make sure that your gutters are clean at all times. Also, install extensions of downspouts to make sure the rainwater is directed away from your house’s foundation.

Divert Water from the Driveways

More than often, the driveways are sloped. Therefore, any water on the driveway flows towards the house and forms puddles near the foundation of the house. And that poses a serious risk to your finished basement. One way to ensure that your basement stays dry and well-protected, take the necessary steps to direct the water from the driveway away from your house.

Prevent Moisture from Laundry

Many homeowners get their basements finished to include a proper laundry area. While it has its pros, it also poses a risk of adding too much moisture to the basement, leading to water-related damages. If you’ve got a clothes dryer installed in your newly finished basement, make sure that it’s vented outside because it produces a lot of moisture and lint. If you don’t do anything about the moisture from laundry, you’ll soon observe the growth of mold in your basement.

Install an Exhaust Fan and Dehumidifier

If you just got done with basement finishing, install an exhaust fan right away without waiting for water damage signs to appear. An exhaust fan is an ultimate tool that’ll ensure that your basement stays dry. Installing a dehumidifier will offer additional assurance that your basement isn’t overly moist.

Seal Your Concrete Floor

If you don’t seal the concrete floor of your newly finished basement, you’re in for some trouble. Unsealed concrete floors can absorb moisture from the environment, and this can lead to mold growth. One way to protect your basement from moisture is to seal the concrete floor and make it non-absorbent to moisture.

Basement finishing is associated with a massive investment. You certainly wouldn’t want your newly finished basement to get damaged. The key to ensuring that your basement stays as good as new is to hire professional basement remodelers who’ll keep all the factors in consideration during the basement remodeling project. With the right professionals at work, you wouldn’t have to worry about dealing with a wet basement.


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