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Key Basement Finishing Ideas

Key Basement Finishing Ideas

The basement finishing process can be quite an exciting one! Utilizing the space under your house is a good idea since it can be the perfect place to entertain your friends and family. By focusing on fixtures and finishing that make sense, you can transform the room into the best one of your home.

Here are some ideas for basement finishing that you should definitely consider using for your home.

Best Basement Floor to Avoid Moisture Damage

Using a floating scratch-resistant vinyl for the basement can be a great idea if you are worried about water damage. The high-tech process of printing gives it such a realistic appearance that it can look simply divine in the basement. The 20-year warranty that most vinyl flooring comes with is sure to reassure you too.

Wall Hung Ceilings with Plumbing Access

Ceiling tiles have definitely evolved, so your basement can look sophisticated and exciting. Professionals for basement finishing can hang a grid in the basement, giving you some extra inches of headroom.

The best thing to do is to soundproof the ceiling. You can use fiberglass batts and drywall to minimize sound travel. Anti-vibration pads or mats can also help to muffle the sound.

Proper Lighting for an Open, Clean Look

Dim, dungy basements can be a huge turnoff, which is why getting proper fixtures is really important. Basement finishing involves using cone shape lighting that’s wide at the base to reduce dark spots in the basement.

Safe Window Wells

Let go of the corrugated metal and use prefab wells made with faux-stone or fiberglass materials. With plastic covers or grates, you can ensure that they are safe, and people cannot fall through them. Professionals of basement finishing recommend getting toppers that can be removed easily to ensure emergency exits.

Fix the Staircase

One mistake that amateurs can make is to design the bottom stair too shallow, which can throw off the whole walk down the stairs and increase the risk of accidents. Professionals will make sure to measure every step so that it is precise.

Have Space for Food

You definitely don’t need to make a whole kitchen in the basement, but you can go a long way with a mini-fridge for cool beverages, microwave for leftovers, and a cabinet for snacks. It can be the perfect companion for movie nights and get-togethers.

Utah Basement Finishing can help you get the basement of your dreams. They design sophisticated, cozy, and clean basements that are perfect for relaxation and entertainment. If you need a basement finishing, they can guide you on the best way to create the perfect layout.


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