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Reasons To Make A Playroom In The Basement

Reasons To Make A Playroom In The Basement

Imagine you wake up in the morning, get out of bed, and make your way towards the kitchen, rubbing away the sleep from your eyes. You barely make it past the threshold of your bedroom, and you step on tiny dinky cars and piercing little lego pieces-OUCH!

If you are a parent, then the scenario mentioned above should sound painfully familiar to you because when there are kids in the house, stepping on minuscule toys is a common occurrence. No matter how hard you try to teach the kids to keep their legos and cars in one room, they never listen! And that, more often than not, results in an injured foot.

If you want to save yourself from the shooting pain of a pointy toy poking your sole, you should consider making a dedicated playroom for your kids. When the little ones are given an exclusive area for their fun time, they will have a lot to do in one place and hence will not wander about with their toys. That said, if you have the playroom on the same level as the rest of the house, the chances are that your child would bring their toys out of the dedicated location. Your best bet to avoid that from happening is to set up a fun room in the basement.

A playroom in the basement is better than one on ground level for a bunch of reasons, including

Keeps the Home Tidy

A playroom anywhere in the house may seem useful enough in keeping the whole place tidy, but that is not always the case. Kids are super energetic and ever-excited little fellows who love to show the elders their artsy creations. This means if they stack up a lego house or paint a picture, they will want to show it to the adults in the house to collect applause.

In such a scenario, if the playroom is in the basement, they would not attempt to carry everything upstairs and instead, choose to call the grown-ups downstairs. So the chances of the lego pieces scattering along the way are eliminated, which keeps the house mess-free.

Perfect for Playdates

A basement playroom will be significantly bigger than one on the ground level, offering ample space for the kids. Having a large fun area allows children to enjoy much more freely, especially when they have playmates over. Playing in just one room means a child might have to compromise when the playfellow asks to play with a different toy than the host, resulting in squabbles. All that is avoidable if the playroom is big enough and both the kids can spend some time apart if they want to play with different toys.

And obviously, unless you have a massive house, the only place you can set up a large play area would be the basement.

Ideal For Positive Reinforcement

Although playing is essential for a child’s healthy upbringing, it should be allowed on conditions. For example, if your kid does something commendable, you can reward them by giving them time to play. This practice for positive reinforcement will be more effective if the child gets to be in a toy-land of sorts. Therefore, if you have a big basement playroom, your kid will look for ways to get on your good side and earn extra minutes in their play-land.


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