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Remodeling: The Solution To All Common Basement Troubles

Remodeling: The Solution To All Common Basement Troubles

The basement in a home is often the most neglected space because of its out-of-sight placement. As the age-old expression goes, out of sight, out of mind, naturally, basements are overlooked because homeowners seldom go to the underground chamber.

This lack of care often turns a basement into a structural nightmare, especially if the telltale signs of trouble are ignored. And before you know it, you are standing knee-deep in water in your basement, looking utterly helpless.

Although not all basement troubles lead to catastrophes, such as flooding, most can lead to severe destruction if not tackled in time. The leaking walls or the musky smell in your home’s underground vault may seem inconsequential, but if you let them be, they will eventually cause ruination.

The best way of handling common basement troubles is remodeling. Basement remodeling can keep problems from getting out of hand and make the area safe for multiple uses. If you don’t know whether or not your basement needs a remodel, look for the following signs and if you find any, contact a remodeler.

Leaking Walls

Leaking walls can seem like no big deal, but they can turn into catastrophic issues in no time. If you don’t wish to spend money on remodeling, then at least get your basement checked to bootstrap the problem. Doing so will buy you some time. But as soon as you can scrape up the funds, renovate your basement to avoid walking into a flooded chamber.

Foul Smell

Homeowners are quick to dismiss musty, stale smells wafting from the basement, assuming that it’s a natural occurrence because a cellar is under the ground. Simply put, they think that being closeted beneath the soil makes the presence of strange odors in a basement understandable. But that’s not always right.

Often a foul smell in the basement can be more than just a result of being a closed-off area. Sometimes growing mold or any other underlying basement trouble can lead to an unpleasant smell. Therefore, you need to be sure before you disregard a stench as ‘natural’ because if there is mold growth or termite infestation in your basement, you need to get a remodel.

Stained Walls

Stains of basement walls are pretty common, which is why most homeowners ignore them. However, stained walls can mean a leak or presence of water, which can result in flooding if corrective measures aren’t taken. If you find your basement walls covered in ugly patches, you should contact an expert to assess the damage and develop a remodeling plan.

Buckling Walls

Buckling walls are more than just basement trouble because they are risky for the complete building. Buckled walls mean the foundation of your home is starting to give out. You need to make sure you get it remodeled before the entire structure collapses without warning.

Sinking Floor

If your basement floor dips when you walk over it or if it has sunken visibly, that is, you can see a sink hole, you need to get a remodel as soon as possible. In both cases, hire an expert and get your basement renovated.

Don’t overlook your basement because it is the foundation of your home, and you need it to be in a pristine state at all times to avoid grave accidents.


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