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Things to Consider Before Getting Basement Finishing in Utah

Things to Consider Before Getting Basement Finishing in Utah

Unfinished basements usually work well as storage spaces; however, getting basement finishing in Utah will mean that the space is being used effectively with increased functionality. Even a small remodel project can completely transform your basement by turning it into a craft room, study room, library, theatre, playroom, or just a place to hang out. By turning it into a functional space, you are increasing the overall value of your home too.

Here are some things to consider before getting basement finishing in Utah.

1. Paybacks

Basement finishing can be an overall great investment. The average return costs for basement projects stands at 75 cents on the dollar. By adding more functionality to the home, you are adding value to your home. There will also be better storage space, more bedrooms, and effective space for entertainment.

2. Light Source

When we think about basements, we often imagine dingy, dark places. You should make sure to plan for doors and windows to let in natural light. Concentrate on cutting openings before you authorize other work to start off. Professionals will help you seal the rest of your rooms to prevent masonry dust from going everywhere. Basement finishing experts can also make sure that the surrounding walls are strong enough to bear the load of the structure.

3. Safety with Stairwells

Your finished basement will require safe and beautiful access to it with stylish handrails. You can also strengthen the walls that are supporting your handrails. It can help to keep the handrails in place too.

4. Evaporating Moisture

You should have some ways where moisture can get out of the basement without issues. Good drainage can keep the foundation from seeping into your foundation. Proper ventilation will also ensure that moisture doesn’t collect.

5. Floor Planning

Not every flooring material is a good idea for a finished basement. For example, solid wood can buckle or spilt when there are changes in the moisture and humidity levels. You should go for engineered wood, ceramic tiles, or vinyl planks. Basement finishing experts in Utah can guide you on the best flooring material for your basement too.

6. Heating and Cooling Capabilities

The ventilation, heating, and cooling systems are probably installed on the upper floors of the home, but you should make sure that the HVAC connections are also there for the basement. Or else, it can be harder to hang out in the basement without proper heating and cooling.

7. Radon Tests

We recommend testing for radon when you are getting basement finishing in Utah. It is a radioactive odorless gas that can get into basements from the soils around. If you don’t control it properly, it can expose the residents of the home to around 200 chest x-rays per year. Preventing radon from affecting you may involve sealing in surface, cracks, or installing ventilators.

If you are getting basement finishing in Utah, looking no more than Utah Basement Finishing. They have an experienced and skilled team to guide you on your project and execute it perfectly.


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