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Things to Consider Before You Finish Your Basement

Things to Consider Before You Finish Your Basement

Did you know that a finished basement helps increase the overall market value of a house? On a basic level, a well-finished basement looks neat, immaculate, and splendid, to say the least. We don’t see why you shouldn’t look to finish your basement, given that it has no disadvantages whatsoever. If you are remodeling and finishing your basement, we suggest you read this blog post first. Here we have discussed some crucial things you should consider before you finish your basement.

1. Check If Your Basement Has Any Water Issues

Water issues are a common occurrence that needs to be identified before plunging into finishing and remodeling your basement. Look for the signs of faulty or leaking pipes as they are often the root cause behind bigger plumbing concerns. Inspect your basement thoroughly – walls, cracks, and corners, water stains, discoloration marks, etc.

Make sure to check appliances like water heaters and washers to identify any potential problem. Generally, it’s super easy and cost-effective to make necessary plumbing repairs before you finish your basement.

2. Check Rim Joists

Make sure the rim joints are well insulated. If not, then they can result in a massive loss of energy. To ensure an ideal finished basement, seal the rim joists using thick and sturdy polystyrene. Cut long strips of polystyrene according to the length of the joints.

But before you consider doing this, check with the local code of your area to ensure you have the permission to carry out this task.

3. Decide How “Finished” You Want Your Basement to Be

For some people, a finished basement is nothing more than just the addition of some proper lights and electrical outlets. But for others, it may mean installing walls, curtains, a heater, etc. as well.

How you finish your basement should entirely depend on your personal choice. It also depends on the purpose you use your basement for. If you aren’t sure, discuss it with your family or professionals and choose accordingly. Once you have decided on the kind of finishing you want, you will have to choose specifics like the kind of lighting, the color of curtains and walls, etc.

4.  Type of Flooring You Want

Like any other room, the most important aspect of a basement is its flooring. You have to decide the kind of flooring you want to install in your basement, whether it’s wood flooring, mosaic flooring, glass flooring, PVC flooring, etc.

Different kinds of flooring have different pros and cons. Make sure that you have looked into them before deciding a particular type. Consult the professionals you have hired for the basement finishing project. They will assist you in making the right decision.


Basement finishing is an important aspect of a home renovation or remodeling project. Make sure that you consider the things that we have discussed in this blog post to ensure a valuable finished basement.


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