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Will a finished basement add value to my home?

Will a finished basement add value to my home?

A common question or a doubt arising in the minds of home owners is “will finishing my basement add some value to my house” and the next question in line is “if yes, then how much value will it add?” The answer is definitely a big Yes. Finished basements can lead to additional extra living space for the homeowners. In fact, this is the reason why many homeowners are renovating their basements on a rapid rate.

If you want an extra room, a home gym, or a theater, you can easily turn your basement into one. Moreover, a finished basement also leads to increased value of your house. A finished basement also increases the price of your house when you want to sell it. In addition, adding space to basements can be comparatively better than above ground modifications.

Different basement spaces hold different values

The kind of basement finishing can impact a buyer’s decision to pay. In fact, there are 3 types of grading categorized that determine the value you can obtain from a finished basement.

Non-Walk Basement: This is a basement where you have just 4 concrete walls and no source of natural sunlight other than some standard window.

Partial Drop: This kind of setting allows you to have full sized windows but not a full-sized door.

Full Walk-Out Basement: This kind of basement gives you regular sized windows, atrium door or a sliding door. Moreover, a full walk-out basement also allows you to enjoy a significant amount of sunlight.

The value of the house depends majorly on the kind of basement finishing you go for.

So, hire a professional service provider (which would be us of course!) and go for a finished basement if you want to raise the value of your house, whether for selling purpose or just for living there.

We also often use and highly recommend Utah Drywall & Repair – they provide excellent drywall solutions for any basement related project!


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