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5 Tricks to Making Your Basement Look Luxurious

5 Tricks to Making Your Basement Look Luxurious

It won’t be wrong to say that basement is a hidden gem of your property. The area that you treat as a storeroom can be so much more – a living area, bedroom, kitchen, game room, gym, and what not! Basements are the most neglected parts of a property. They’re dull, damp, and cold, which is why not many people think about using it for anything other than dumping their junk.

However, for people who realized the true potential of basements, basement remodeling has given them tremendous benefits, from an additional living space to a significant boost in the property value. But one thing that keeps people from getting their basements remodeled into luxurious living spaces is the cost it comes with. Not many people can afford the hefty costs of remodeling the basement into a luxury living space. But you need not worry. We’ve listed down some tricks that can help you achieve a luxurious look at a minimal cost.

1.     Create Well-Thought Storage Spaces

Most of the basements are cluttered and untidy. No matter how well-arranged your clutter is, your basement won’t look attractive as long as the clutter is out in the open. So, the first trick on the list is to create well-thought, stylish storage spaces to hold your clutter. This way, not only will your clutter be enclosed neatly, but your basement will appear bigger and a lot more appealing to the eyes.

2.     Cover the Floor with a Statement Rug

Statement rugs add boldness to any living space, and for this reason, not many people are willing to add them to congested living spaces. However, your basement is an open area that isn’t usually as heavily furnished as the rest of your home. Add a statement rug to the basement floor and see how it can turn the tables in your favor almost immediately.

3.     Add Fancy Lights and Lamps

One of the most promising ways of making your basement appear luxurious is adding a lot of fancy lights and lamps. You can try installing ornate lamps. They will give your basement the warm and luxurious look that you’re trying to achieve. Keeping the lights adequate yet not too bright is the key here. Your basement doesn’t have to be as brightly lit as the rest of your home.

4.     Replace the Basement Hardware

Another super cheap way of making your basement look luxurious is by replacing the basement hardware like doorknobs, cabinet handles, lamp chains, etc. These hardware may seem insignificant and unimportant but brace yourself for a massive surprise. Replacing hardware can actually bring about a considerable improvement in the overall appearance of your basement.

5.     Get New Flooring

You can even consider getting new flooring for your basement. You can opt for peel and stick vinyl tiles that are super affordable and easy to install. You don’t even have to pull your old floor away! Installing new flooring will immediately give your basement an all-new look!


Making your basement look luxurious has more to do with creativity than money. If you’ve got great ideas, you can get your basement revamped without having to exhaust all your savings. Taking help from basement remodeling professionals can make the job easier and a lot less hassle for you. So, if it was money that was keeping you from upgrading your basement, you now know you can still go for it!


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