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Basement Finishing: Six Things You Must Know

Basement Finishing: Six Things You Must Know

A basement in your house doesn’t necessarily have to be used as a storage unit or for dumping the mattresses or sofa sets you don’t use anymore. With some little work, you can turn your dark basement into an impressive room which can be used as a children’s room, a study, or a guest room. You can also rent out the room and earn some extra cash.

Basement finishing in Utah is becoming quite popular. Many people are converting their unused spaces into a game room, theatre, or kitchen. If you want to redesign your basement, you can always hire a professional to do the deed.

A well-furnished basement adds great value to your home. But before you opt for the renovation, consider the following expert tips.

1. Keep It Dry

Many houses have basement water problems. Basement leaks are often caused by pressure created by the water in the soil which surrounds a house’s foundation. Before you start planning the renovation process, thoroughly check your basement for any kind of water issues. Look for cracks in the walls and repair them immediately.

2. Check The Legal Requirements

A basement remodeling means that you will have to get electrical work and plumbing done. This asks for regular inspections from the local municipality when the work is in progress. For this, many state laws require people to get a permit for beginning the renovation.

3. Hardware Fasteners

Your regular nails and screw will not be enough to drill a hole in a basement’s wall which is generally some sort of cement or brick. You will need proper anchors and hardware fasteners to cut the wall/floor while installing a frame. This is why many experts believe that basement finishing should be done by professionals who will get your space renovated without causing much damage.

4. Install A Vapor Barrier

Even with serious care, your basement can become a damp place. This is because of its close proximity to the water in the soil on which a house’s foundation stands. To tackle this, install a vapor barrier to the floors and walls before you start framing these surfaces. Let them lay for a couple of days to check how much moisture is coming through.

5. Keep The Warmth In

By installing insulation, you will not only keep the temperature in control, but you will also be able to reduce the outside noise. The layer will also work as moisture control. Install an installation with vapor barriers on either side. You can also opt for a spray foam insulation.

6. Drop Ceiling  

Suspended ceilings will allow you to access water pipelines or electrical lines with ease. You will only have to remove the removable tiles and get your work. This will help you maintain the basement in a better manner. Also, drop or suspended ceilings come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose whatever design is aesthetically beautiful.


For all kind of basement finishing services, you can rely on Utah Basement Finishing. The company has been in business for so many years now and have cemented its position in the industry with its exceptional work.


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