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How to Waterproof Basement Windows

How to Waterproof Basement Windows

Basement windows are great because they can add fresh air and light to a room. However, many homeowners complain about finding water underneath their windows or some water dripping close to the windows.

Eventually, this becomes a major leak that leads to destroyed belongings, mold growth, and loads of damage to your drywall.

Here is how you can waterproof basement windows:

1. Caulk

If you are dealing with a leaky basement window, caulking it is a great option to waterproof the window. In fact, you could get lucky as caulking can help get rid of the leaks for good.

You can easily find caulk at a home improvement or hardware store. However, if your window has been leaking for too long, you will need to get the drywall damage looked at.

2. Install Window Wells

One way to waterproof basement windows is by installing window wells, as these help block moisture. These wells can be used to drain water away from the window. They are made of heavy-duty plastic or corrugated metal and are U-shaped.

If you have already installed a window well, you must keep it maintained. Do not let debris develop on it. You can use gravel to help drain the water or even think about installing a window well cover. Over time, window wells can get clogged with dirt, leaves and debris, and snow. Hence, purchasing a cover will save you the additional cost of getting them cleaned by professionals.

3. Get New Windows

Sometimes, the best way to waterproof basement windows is by getting new ones installed. Old windows that have been around for a long time may be damaged because of shifting foundations or by constant leaks.

Once you replace your old window, you can get an egress window installed. These windows are bigger than others and come with an emergency exist. However, since these windows involve cutting concrete and may require excavation, it is best to get in touch with a professional.

4. Inspect Gutters

Did you know that basement leaks are usually caused by downspouts and clogged gutters? These can also affect your windows, causing water to leak into the basement since the clogged gutter may be redirecting flow in that direction.

Hence, it is best to inspect the gutters in your house. Keep them clean at all times so that they do not get clogged. Get in touch with a professional, especially if you find that leaves, dirt, and debris are building up on your gutter. Inspect them at the start of every new season and at least every month. If you live in a windy area, we would advise inspecting them every week.


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